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It is no secret that the holidays can bring with them stress and overwhelm.

But the Holidays can also bring Joy, Peace and a whole lot of gratitude if you let them!

While you may not be able to control the actions and behaviors of certain family members, or the insanely dense and wild Holiday crowds, you can certainly control your response to all the holiday craziness around you.

Affirmations can be a powerful tool in programming our subconscious mind (to read more about the power of affirmations, check out this post by louisehay.com) Positive affirmations can help to program positive and uplifting thoughts rather than filling our heads with anxious and negative thoughts.

Every thought that you think is an affirmation of sorts, so it is important that we speak to ourselves kindly, with peaceful, loving statements about ourselves and others.

Below is a list of 10 powerful affirmations for Moms for around the Holiday season.

Say them, write them, think them- as many times as you need to and remember to truly embrace the loving and peaceful nature of the season.

  1. It’s OK if it isn’t perfect
  2. I am capable of letting things roll off my back
  3. I will look for the Joy of the Holiday Season
  4. When overwhelm occurs, I will remember to slow down and breathe
  5. I will not stress over material things
  6. I am doing a kick-ass job
  7. I release my expectations and will just let things flow
  8. I will practice patience and kindness this Holiday Season
  9. Me and my home are perfectly enough
  10. I will use my time in lines and traffic to practice Gratitude

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Remember to enjoy this season and to be present with your loved ones.

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