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6 Simple Self-Care Steps you can start today

Self Care Steps that don't have to cost you a dime

Self-Care is the most important gift you can give yourself

Self-Care is not a new concept, but it has been a pretty popular topic as of recent.

So what exactly is self-care and why is it important?

Self-care is all about making sure that we are caring for our own body and mind no matter what life throws at us.

Let’s be real- Life can get hectic.

Plans may not go as planned.

Perhaps you had an especially challenging day at work.

Kids are magnificent creatures that can sometimes leave us feeling haggard at best.

These are just a few of the reasons that make it essential to recharge and give back to yourself.

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

The only person who can ensure that your cup is full is you, and this can be accomplished through some simple self-care methods.

Self-care comes in many forms and varies from person to person. What may be relaxing for one person, may completely freak another person out. We are different humans with different needs.

A common misconception about self-care is that it is all massages, mani/pedi’s and shopping sprees.

While all of those things can certainly be effective methods of self-care, the “treat yo self” route is not an option for some.

Fortunately, there are plenty of highly effective, and budget-friendly ways to show yourself some love without breaking the bank.

My hope is that at least one of these methods resonates with you and is effective at helping you to stay grounded and feel your worth.


Tip # 1:

Enjoy a cup of warm water with lemon.

Freshly squeezed lemon quarters work best and make for a lovely aroma that will certainly boost your senses.

Feel free to add a small amount of organic honey or sweetener of choice. The hydrating benefits are crucial to both the GI (belly/bowels) system as well as the Integumentary (skin) system.


Tip # 2

 Show your face some love with a gentle facial massage. 

Use your favorite facial oil or moisturizer, and with the tips of your first 2 fingers, slowly and gently massage in a circular motion around your entire face.

Pay special attention to your jawline and temples, as these areas can be prone to tension.

If you are in need of lovely DIY face oil to enhance your massage and will be easier on your wallet than the store bought moisturizers, check out the recipe for my Anti-aging, anti-blemish, skin smoothing, all-natural, DIY, miracle face oil. <– this stuff is amazing and will leave your skin clearer, brighter and younger-looking at a fraction of the cost of the chemical-filled store-bought stuff.

Self-Love Quote
Click Image to be taken to Anti-aging, anti-blemish, skin smoothing, all-natural, DIY facial moisturizer

Tip # 3

Affirmations. Write them, repeat them, let them sink in. 

Affirmations are short, positive statements that can be spoken out loud or silently to ourselves. Some examples of affirmations that are perfect for showing yourself self-love are:

  • I am strong
  • I am stronger today than yesterday
  • Today is my day to shine

For some more insight and examples, check out this post on Affirmations – Rewire your Brain for Happiness with Positive Affirmations

Tip # 4

Get lost in a book (or an Audible if that is more your thing).

Reading and listening to books can be a great escape from outside stressors, and an excellent way to direct our attention to the current moment.

Any book that you’re enjoying will do, but positive and uplifting stories tend to be more effective at really showing your soul some love.

If you are short on time, you may enjoy compressed books. There is an awesome site called Get Abstract. The books are “formatted using getAbstract’s proven template to maximize knowledge retention. Every summary includes 1 a rating, 2 a recommendation, 3 top takeaways, 4 a full summary, 5 significant quotes, 6 an author biography and 7 a link to the original source content – all of which can be absorbed in less than ten minutes.”

Tip # 5

Take a mindful walk.

Notice your feet moving beneath you.

Notice the flow of your breath.

Soak up nature and the beauty that surrounds you.

Listen to all the sounds.

Practice gratitude by really appreciating the opportunity to walk, and notice life and nature all around you.

Exercise and walking boost endorphins in our bodies which directly contribute to happiness by activating opioid receptors in the brain.

Walks are powerful contributions to both our physical and mental well being.

Tip #6

Last, but most certainly not least is meditation.

Meditation is an incredibly effective method of showing your mind some love.

Quieting your mind has been found to have numerous benefits including decreased anxiety, decreased blood pressure, increased productivity, and an increased sense of calm, just to name a few.

4 Free meditation apps
Check out this post on the Top 4 Free Meditation apps of 2020

Meditation comes in many different forms, but you can start today by simply noticing your breath.

Inhale deeply through your nose, notice how the air feels and where you feel it.

Hold your inhale for a moment before slowly exhaling.

Repeat as many times as you would like.

MIndful Meditation Practices for People who don't like to sit still
Want to try meditation? Check out this post for Ideas for Meditaiton practices that don't require you to sit still.

The above-mentioned tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to methods of self-care, but hopefully these ideas can get you started, and possibly ignite some fire inside of you to take control and start loving yourself more.

Once you start giving back to and nourishing your soul, you will notice life starts to move in a more positive and loving direction.

You are an amazing soul, be patient with yourself, and treat yourself kindly

Self Care Steps that don't have to cost you a dime

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