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I was introduced to mindfulness in 2015 through my employer, and that is when something inside of me was ignited. I mean, I have always had a good heart, and for the most part, meant well, but I also was easily agitated and didn’t think twice about spewing negativity about both myself and others.  Right around the time that my company was advertising this mindfulness training program, I had just taken one of those Facebook quiz things where you ask your kids questions and copy and paste with their answers. One of the prompts was to ask your children what is one thing that they would change about you. To this, my oldest daughter replied, ” you get annoyed easily” She wasn’t wrong. I did get annoyed easily. So off to mindfulness class I went.

Fast forward to today. My mindfulness practice is now incorporated into all aspects of my life, from daily meditation practice to ongoing education through various courses and training. Daily Yoga and Meditation are the new norms.  I take more time for me and my self-care, which in turn makes me a more patient and present mother, wife, and daughter.

In addition to Yoga and Meditation, I am slightly obsessed with houseplants and my garden,  and spending time with my little family. I alo enjoy crafts, crocheting, nature, walks, creating, reading & writing, Spotify playlists, drinking coffee, tea, and an occasional hard seltzer or 3, and cooking. 

If you have read this far, Welcome to the Journey. I am so pleased, and full of gratitude that you are here with me. Shop around and check out the blog! My goal is to provide you with the tools and inspiration needed for your own Journey to a more Patient, Peaceful, Positive, Present, Purposeful and Playful existence. 

Have a Peaceful Day