6 Tips to Sneak In Self-Care When You Are Insanely Busy

Finding time for self-care when you’re busy can be challenging, but it’s essential for maintaining your well-being. Here are six tips to help you sneak in self-care even when you have a packed schedule: Prioritize and schedule self-care: Make self-care a non-negotiable part of your routine by scheduling specific time slots for it. Treat these […]

15 Relaxing Gift Ideas for Mom that she will LOVE

Whether it is Mother’s Day or Mom’s birthday, it is the perfect time to show your appreciation for the woman who raised you, supported you, and loved you unconditionally. This year, instead of the usual flowers or chocolates, why not surprise your mom with a relaxing gift that she truly deserves? Finding a meaningful and […]

Get rid of Gnats in houseplants

Struggling with annoying little gnats in your houseplants? It happens, and although they are mostly harmless, an infestation can cause some damage to the plant, and more than anything, can become quite annoying.  How to get rid of Gnats in spider plants and other houseplants There are quite a few methods around the internet to […]

Crystals & Gemstones meanings and uses

Crystals & Gemstones meanings and uses. There are MANY crystals and gems on this planet. Below are some of the commonly used stones used here at Mindful Journey shop, and their meanings.  New stones are added to this list regularly.  If you are looking for details on a stone that is not listed in this […]

The Power of Pause

The Power of Pause Facebook Twitter Youtube A Powerful Mindfulness exercise for dealing with negative emotions. Pause Breathe Observe Respond A core element in mindfulness is the power of pause. Everyone has been in a situation at one time or another where their reaction to a situation or event was perhaps not too savory. It is quite […]