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Breathwork, breathing techniques, breathing exercises, pranayama – these are all different names you may have heard for the following exercises. 

Each breathing lesson  is unique in it’s own right, but they all offer beneficial and positive results when it comes to calming a busy mind, relieving anxiety, helping to get to sleep quicker, improving focus, and increasing energy. 

So whatever type of breathwork you need right now, in this moment, hopefully you will find right here.

The videos will walk you through the breathing exercise. Calming mediation music offers increased relaxation and ambiance, while the description below the video gives the benefits and purpose of each exercise.


Square Breathing exercise. Calm nervous system, improve focus, relieve anxiety. Square breathing brings awareness to the length inhales, exhales, and breath holds in between. By keeping awareness on this breath pattern, the mind is focused on this rather than the many other places it doesn’t need to be right now. The deep breathing paired with counting allows the body and mind to calm down, focus, and just chill.

Resonant Breathing– Calm anxiety, stimulate vagus nerve, lower BP and reduce stress. Resonant breathing calms the nervous system by slowing respiration and drawing focus to the counting of the length of the inhale and exhale. 

Alternate Nostril Breathing. Mindful Breathing for deep relaxation.

Alternate Nostril Breathing encourages deep relaxation, helping to relieve anxiety and encourage sleep. The action of alternating nostrils helps to keep the mind in the present moment, while deep breathing oxygenates and cleanses the lungs.

Humming Breath. Relaxing, meditative breathing technique for calming and soothing.

Humming breath provides a deep sense of calm, and meditative state. An excellent breathing exercise for helping to sleep, calming anxiety, and relaxing even during the most tense of situations.

Sips of Breath– Energizing, Mindful Breathing exercise.  Sips of breath breathing technique helps to bring awareness into the present moment. Deep inhales followed by “sips” of breath oxygenates , cleanses, and energizes, leaving you focused and rejuvenated. 

4,7,8 Breathing. Mindful breathing exercise to calm anxiety, relax nervous system, and be present.

An incredibly effective and easy breathing exercise to cultivate calm, relieve stress, and gain the clarity and focus needed to proceed with the day. Naturally calm the nervous system, helps to fall asleep, helps to ease a racing mind. This breathing technique is wonderful for kids and adults.

Mindful Breathing activity- Breath Counting. Calm down, sooth anxiety, be present meditative breath.  A meditative breathing exercise to quickly calm the nervous system by bringing awareness into the present moment. A simple and quick way to calm kids and adults alike. 

Rainbow Breathing- Calming Breathing technique for kids. Calm down, rejuvenate, and get focused. This easy and fun breathing technique is a great way to cultivate calm and focus in children and adults alike. A quick and simple, meditative breathing exercise that promotes movement with breath, helping the mind to come into the present moment. Improve focus, invite calm, encourage movement, and reduce anxiety with this simple, yet effective breathing technique.

Calming, grounding, mindful breathing technique – Diaphragmatic Breathing Quick Meditative Breathing.  

Reduce stress and anxiety with Diaphragmatic breathing. A mindful breathing technique that helps bring you into the present moment by drawing awareness to the breath and body. Keeping awareness on the different aspects of this controlled breathing technique allows the mind and body to relax, helping to enhance focus, clear the mind and free yourself from the grip of stress.

Relax your mind, strengthen and detox lungs with Pursed Lip Breathing.

The pursed lip breathing technique cleanses the lungs by removing stale air that can become trapped in the lungs, and relaxes the body by stimulating the autonomic nervous system. Focusing on the lengths of the breath helps to bring awareness into the present moment, making this an excellent mindful breathing exercise. Purse lip breathing is typically seen in respiratory health settings, specifically with COPD, but this breathing exercise can have beneficial results for just about anybody. Purse lip breathing can be especially helpful for anyone who is quitting smoking, or thinking about quitting smoking.

Balloon Breathing– Calming breath to reduce anxiety and stress, and gain presence in the moment.  If you are looking for a quick, meditative, calming breathing exercise, then you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Balloon breathing invites us into the present moment by paying attention to where the breath is going. Deep breathing aids in calming the nervous system and reducing stress in the body. The simplicity of Balloon breathing makes it an excellent mindful breathing exercise for children and adults alike.

Skull Shining or Kapalabhati Breath is an Energizing and cleansing breathing exercise. Detox lungs, oxygenate blood, energize the body and mind, while generating heat within the core of the body. Many breathing exercises bring calm, whereas skull shining breath energizes while delivering increased oxygenation to the body. If you are feeling cold, tired, heavy or drained, give this breathing exercise a try. 

Victorious/Conquer/Ujjayi/Ocean Breath. Calm and Ground yourself in the present moment with Ujjayi breathing. This breathing technique is also called victorious breath, ocean breathing and conquer breath. By contracting the back of the throat slightly, the breath will create a soothing ocean like sound for your to focus your awareness upon. This type of breath can be created by pretending you are fogging up a mirror on the exhale. Once you get the feel for this throat constriction, continue on breathing this way on the inhale and the exhale.

Calm down, relieve anxiety, get grounded and find focus with this 3 part breath breathing exercise. 3 part breath brings your awareness to 3 different areas of the body while performing controlled breathing. This mindful breathing exercise allows you to become present in the moment, helping to calm and sooth the nervous system. Quick and easy meditation for beginners. 

Affirming Breath is a quick, and easy breathing exercise can bring calm, focus, peace, confidence, joy, and more depending on the affirmation you choose. Deep breathing helps to calm, while repeating affirmations programs your subconscious with more positive and helpful messages, so that you can be the best version of yourself.