Get rid of Gnats in houseplants

Struggling with annoying little gnats in your houseplants? It happens, and although they are mostly harmless, an infestation can cause some damage to the plant, and more than anything, can become quite annoying.  How to get rid of Gnats in spider plants and other houseplants There are quite a few methods around the internet to […]

15 Positive & Inspiring Mindful Self Love Quotes

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The Power of Pause

The Power of Pause Facebook Twitter Youtube A Powerful Mindfulness exercise for dealing with negative emotions. Pause Breathe Observe Respond A core element in mindfulness is the power of pause. Everyone has been in a situation at one time or another where their reaction to a situation or event was perhaps not too savory. It is quite […]

What is Mindfulness? and why should you give a sh*t about it anyway?

Maybe you have seen some talk about mindfulness, or perhaps this is the very first article that you will ever read about it. Either way, the intention of this post is to introduce mindfulness and discuss some of the basics. So, what exactly is Mindfulness? Simply put, Mindfulness is being present in the current moment. […]

The Science Behind Letting Sh*t Go, and learning to forgive

    The Science Behind Letting Sh*t Go, and learning to forgive. Letting go of pain, anger, jealousy, frustration, or whatever other unsavory emotions that one may have towards a person or situation can be tough. The ego is not a fan of letting things slide. But wounds can run deeper than just egoic reactions. […]

15 Unique, Zen Gifts under $25 for the Spiritual Person in your life.

Shopping for people who are into things that we aren’t into can prove to be tedious at best. If you are not into the spiritual, Zen, meditating lifestyle, then chances are you could use some help shopping for a gift for a person who is. This post is compiled of 15 amazing gifts for people […]

10 Uplifting Holiday Affirmations for Moms

It is no secret that the holidays can bring with them stress and overwhelm. But the Holidays can also bring Joy, Peace and a whole lot of gratitude if you let them! While you may not be able to control the actions and behaviors of certain family members, or the insanely dense and wild Holiday […]

Remembering my Sister: Making Peace with Sibling Grief around the Holidays

A grieving siblings story of hope and surviving immense grief As I sit here in early morning stillness with the lights from Christmas tree reflecting off my laptop screen, I am reminded of the joyous nature of the Holiday season. It is nice to finally feel gratitude and love when I look at my home […]