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Struggling with annoying little gnats in your houseplants?

It happens, and although they are mostly harmless, an infestation can cause some damage to the plant, and more than anything, can become quite annoying. 

How to get rid of Gnats in spider plants and other houseplants

There are quite a few methods around the internet to manage gnats in house plants, and all of the info can get overwhelming so below are methods that have actually worked for getting rid of gnats in my houseplants.


Allow plant soil to dry before watering again.

Gnats are attracted to moist soil, so it is important to not overwater your plants. Best practice is to ensure that the soil is almost all the way dry before watering again. 

Gentle insecticides

Diatomaceous earth is an effective way to do away with gnats in houseplants. Gently sprinkle a light coating on top of the soil, being careful not to get the powder anywhere near the face. This will help to destroy gnats and gnat larvae in the soil.  You can also make a slurry with this powder and water, and next time it is time to water your plants

Neem oil is an effective and safe method for ridding your houseplants of gnats. Neem il comes in a concentrate and in spray form. If using the concentrate, follow the instructions on the bottle, and at your plants next watering, water with the neem oil infused water. If using neem oil spray, simply spray the top layer of soil with a generous amount of spray. 

So you treated your soil, now you may just have lost little gnats circling. Gnats love gnat traps. Gnat traps are quick and effective method for diminishing the gnat population in you home. These little yellow ones work great!

Repot your plants

If all else fails, and your gnat infestation seems too severe for any of the above methods to work, it is a good time to try re-potting. Gently remove the plant form the infested soil and gently shake the soil out of the roots. Place the roots in clean water and continue to gently remove soil from the roots.  Let the plant soak for about an hour or so in the water to ensure that any leftover gnats or larvae are no longer attached. Once you have cleaned and soaked the roots, replant the plant in new soil. You may want to mix some diatomaceous earth in the new soil to prevent future gnat takeovers.

Start Fresh

If all else fails, and the plant seems to be suffering as a result, don’t get discouraged, you tired your best, but gnats can be relentless.  Just start fresh. It’s a bummer to lose a plant, but there are plenty more plants that needs new homes.  

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