Handmade, Reiki infused, gemstone jewelry.

All gemstone beads are sage cleansed upon receipt. They are then charged with the light of the full moon. During the creation process, items are infused with Reiki energy, and programmed with the intention to heal its wearer with whatever they are needing help to heal from. All items are made with love, light and reiki. Feel the amazing sensation of peace and healing from the moment you place the jewelry on your body.

What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese form of healing that uses Universal life energy to aide in both psychical and emotional healing and growth. When Reiki is infused into the gemstone beads, the energy is carried directly to the wearer, filling their being with the energy for healing and growth.

For a complete, and up to date list of gemstone beads used and their properties and benefits, check out this blog post: Crystals & Gemstones meanings and uses.

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