Mindful Journey Journal

Start journaling, or continue along your journaling journey with this Mindful Journey Journal.  The cover contains mindful writing prompts that were crafted with the intent to help you calm down, get more focused, and be more present.   Prompts will first guide you through a brief deep breathing exercise and body scan before giving you quick and simple journaling prompts.  The entire process could be completed in about 5- 10 minutes, making this an easy and quick 5 minute journaling process that is easy to stick to.  With daily use, these prompts will guide along your journey to a more patient, peaceful, playful, positive, and present existence.

The cover provides more than just journaling prompts too! For those days when you feel like coloring, take part in a little coloring medication with mandala coloring. 

This affordable journal has blank journal pages inside allow space for doodling, freehand journaling, and of course responding to the journal prompts on the cover.

This journal is a great beginners journal and when incorporated into a daily routine can help to greatly improve focus, increase patience, reduce anxiety and improve resilience.

Journaling is fantastic way to get your thoughts out and release emotions. This affordable, blank journal with prompts on the cover, allows you to free flow onto the paper. Includes space and prompting for daily gratitude and can be used as a way to simply release and hash out emotions.  This beautifully designed journal is wonderful at holding space.

This little gem makes an amazing journaling gift idea for a friend or family member, and even someone just getting started with journaling.

Great gift for a friend, gift for a teen, mindfulness gift, journaling gift, meditation gift, graduation gift, yoga teacher training graduation gift, and really just a gift for anybody journaling alon on their journey.

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