Glowing Chakra Chick Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Carabiner clip


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Hydrating is essential to life.
Balanced, glowing Chakras enhance life.
Hydrate your physical body and balance your energy body everywhere you go with this Beautiful, Glowing Chakra Chick design.
This stainless steel water bottles plastic screw top has a carabiner clip and a keyring attached! Making it the perfect water bottle for clipping to a backpack for school, hiking, yoga and more.

If you are looking for a fun and versatile stainless still water bottle for yourself , or as a gift for someone who hikes, does yoga, is into fitness or is simply on the go and would love having a carabiner to clip their stylish, stainless steel water bottle to. Water bottle can even be clipped onto jeans, strollers, backpacks, purses and wherever you can hang something with a carabiner! The keyring attached to the carabiner adds a convenient spot to hang your keys from too!


About the Design: This Beautiful, flowy Chakra Chick will ensure your Chakras are staying aligned.

Her radiant feminine energy and lit up Chakras bring a sense of peace and ease to anyone who wears or sees her.  Makes a beautiful gift for any goddess, including moms, daughters, friends, yogis, reiki practitioners, energy healers, or anyone who is vibin’ through their Journey,


Pair this with a fanny pack and you are good to go! The carabiner can clip onto the fanny pack leaving you completely hands free for hiking, fitness activities and life on the go. The screw on top makes this water bottle secure and spill proof. Easy to clean, stainless steel design is resistant to rust, staining and corrosion.


Perfect graduation gift, wedding gift, birthday gift,  yoga teacher graduation gift, spiritual journey gift, anniversary gift, reiki graduation gift, gift for reiki practitioners, gift for yogis, gift for person who mediates, housewarming gift, or just to simply let someone know you have been thinking about them.


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Diameter, in2.76
Height, in8.66
Cap diameter, in1.46
Hook length , in2.17

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