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Life can get wild sometimes, and these days it seems that there is almost always some degree chaos somewhere around us.
Swimming through the chaos can be exhausting, and frustrating, and maybe even seem hopeless when we get caught up in it.

Learn to manage stress, anxiety, overwhelm and frustration in just 60 days, and have while doing so!

♥The search Peace and calm can feel impossible, but it doesn’t have to be that way. ♥

Inside this little book you will find daily writing prompts that are designed to give you a couple of minutes of grounding, presence, and reflection daily.

With encouragement to become present with yourself, and examine your emotional and physical body, you will be supported as you notice and develop a healthier relationship with your body and emotions.

The prompts are routine and are designed that way to help to create a routine long after the journal has been filled.

For the days when the routine can seem redundant, there are bonus mindfulness activities, free writing space daily to let go of anything you feel like releasing in the journal, and meditative mandala coloring pages with mindfulness quotes intended to inspire you and sprinkle your journey more joy making it more attainable, and sustainable.


The Mindful Journey Journal will provide you with the journal prompts and mindfulness exercises needed for a solid mindfulness foundation.

So, are you ready to start the journey to a more Present, Patient, Peaceful, and Playful existence?

Let’s go!

★Mindfulness Tips and Journaling prompts
★Daily Guided breathing exercises with Daily Prompts
★Gratitude Prompts
★Meditative coloring/ Mandala Coloring
★Free space / Blank pages for the days when you have more to share and release
★Inspirational Quotes
★Bonus Mindfulness Activities

♥About the creator: Maja was introduced to Mindfulness in 2015 by her employer at a time when she needed it most. Maja was working as a nurse health coach with a major HMO and enrolled in a mindfulness training course that was offered. With 2 small children, a full-time job, endless bills and responsibilities, an increasingly hostile political climate and growing chaos in the world, aches and pains, unresolved trauma, PTSD, guilt, mourning, depression, anxiety, screaming, drinking, lack of patience, saying regrettable things-it really couldn’t have come at a better time. Since 2015, Maja has continued to deepen her mindfulness practice, soaking up every bit of information she could with inspiration from mindfulness experts like Jon Kabat Zinn. Maja went on to become a certified meditation teacher, a registered yoga teacher, a level 3 reiki energy healer, and has found the balance between crazy and calm. Her life, and her families’ lives are better for it, and she wishes to share what worked for her on her journey



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