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Now that I got your attention with this jaw-dropping headline, perhaps I can keep you here for a minute with this science swigging savage.

Or, I can just talk about what you came here for- The Groundbreaking Science Behind Letting Sh*t Go

Perhaps you have seen a movie or a TV show that portrays the grumpy, bitter old neighbor who is seemingly angry about everything and everybody. This type of character is common in Hollywood productions because it is relatable. These types really do exist in real life and guess what? These people didn’t get this way by letting things roll off their backs.
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Anger and bitterness are built on harboring negative feelings and thoughts. This happens when our dear friend – the Ego, refuses to just take a deep breath and keep it moving.

I have a family history of bitter old women. My grandmothers, great aunts, and great grandmothers could hold grudges like nobody’s business, often going years without seeing each other and each other’s families. Usually over some sort of mundane bullshit and clashing of egos. Bullshit and egos: keeping humanity feuding for centuries.

Think of all the years wasted and memories lost. Cousins, nieces, and nephews going months or years without seeing each other, and for what? Nonsense, that’s what. I am determined to break the cycle of ego-driven insanity and start a new family culture of peace, kindness, and acceptance.
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Letting go can be difficult, I get it. Some things can just be so friggin’ aggravating, or perhaps you just feel so personally attacked by something that you couldn’t possibly imagine just letting it slide. I am here to tell you that you are completely capable of letting that shit go, and you really should give it a shot- for your own wellbeing.

Now for the Scientific part:

A study done at the Department of Psychology and Social Behavior at the University of California in Irvine , CA followed 1155 participants nationwide. Participants were questioned about their daily stressors and affect for 8 consecutive days. Studies showed that people tended to harbor a higher level of negativity the day after a stressor occurs. Almost 10 years later, the participants answered questions related to their physical health. Lingering negative vibes corresponded with a greater amount of chronic conditions and deteriorating functional limitations, just 10 short years later. This study suggests that emotional resiliency and the ability to chill out when facing daily stressors have unique importance for long-term physical health.

There are many more studies (like this one) out there similar to this one, you don’t have to look very far at all on Google.
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The ill-effects of carrying around bad vibes and sprinkling negativity all over the place don’t sound like much fun at all.

Do you know what does sound like fun?

Letting shit go and simply enjoying life.

Free your soul, because harboring negativity will not solve anything.

Life happens, shit happens, people come and go.

In the grand scheme of things, most of what is bothering you won’t really matter one day.

Don’t let it tear you down.

If you notice negative feelings surfacing- take a deep breath, observe these feelings, be with them for a moment, and then LET THAT SHIT GO.

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